Guided Tours in Yellowstone National Park from Gardiner, Montana

When was the last time you heard a wild wolf howl? Filled your lungs with the sweet scent of sage? Watched a bison calf kick up its heels? Felt the first rays of morning sun warm you?

Been a while? You need a "Wild Bear Adventure"! Let us help you experienceYellowstone.  Wild Bear Adventures provides visitors with a one-on-one guided experience in Yellowstone National Park. Wild Bear Adventures offers custom trips designed to fit the needs and interests of our guests. Join us for a fascinating in-depth understanding of America's First National Park and the conservation issues and challenges being faced to protect it for the “benefit and enjoyment” of future generations.

  • Yellowstone is our backyard. We know it well.
  • More than just wildlife watching!
  • We will show you things you would miss on your own. We guarantee it!
  • We will plan your adventure to optimize your experience in the park.
  • See what you want to see when it fits into your schedule.
  • Great for families and small groups.