Yellowstone's most qualified and experienced Certified Interpretive Guides.

Barbara O'Grady

has been exploring and studying Yellowstone for more than 15 years. A geologist, she has worked as instructor for the Yellowstone Association, Xanterra and Elderhostel guiding geology and natural history tours. Her love of the Yellowstone ecosystem originates from her interest in wolves and the wolf reintroduction program in Yellowstone.

Introducing first time visitors to this amazing two million acre wilderness park and sharing a visitor's first glimpse of a wild wolf are the highlights of her job.

Barbara received her B.A. in geology from Vassar College and her M.S. in geology from Rutgers University.

Eric Bindseil

is a biologist who has worked for over two decades focused on threatened and endangered species throughout the Western United States. His experience and interests include grizzly bears, brown bears, wolves, lynx, wolverines, black-footed ferrets and spotted owls. In Yellowstone, he has worked as a researcher and as an instructor for Yellowstone Association and Xanterra.

His interest in jaguar research and conservation took him and Barbara to Brazil where they have worked with the Jaguar Conservation Fund in Emas National Park and the Araguaia River corridor.

Eric received his B.S. in Resource Management and Wildlife Studies from The Pennsylvania State University.

Eric and Barbara are Certified Interpretive Guides with the National Association for Interpretation.