Our adventures are customized to your interests but our expertise lies in geology! And Yellowstone's geology is fascinating and dynamic!

Geology Adventures 

Park Highlights

Spend the day exploring the land of fire and ice. Some of the most spectacular geologic features in North America including beautiful waterfalls and the stunning beauty of a colorful canyon carved by water and ice await you.

wildbear adventuresVisit the world's largest collection of geysers, mudpots, hot springs and fumaroles in and around one of the largest and most active hotspot Supervolcanoes on our planet. Stop at Yellowstone Lake to explore theories formulated from the most recent geologic research and the truth about the Supervolcano.

Choose from a delightful menu of Yellowstone highlights that interest you most. The geologic wonders of Yellowstone have captivated and inspired generations of visitors. Wildlife is known to make surprise appearances as well.


Our one-day Geology Overview

Begin your day exploring the Mammoth Terraces to learn how their development fits into the Park's geology story. Take a peaceful behind-the-scenes hike to a seldom seen thermal spring, explore a remnant of the Supervolcano, the Cretaceous Interior Seaway, a piece of Eocene volcanism framed by glacial soils, one of the most recent overlooked little volcanoes, and a spectacular basalt formation. 

And, because it's all about the geology, learn how the landscape sets the scene for all of our Yellowstone wildlife.

And if we encounter a resident bear or coyote, swan or pika, we will stop to enjoy, photograph, and talk about their niche in this rich ecosystem.


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Our adventures leave from Yellowstone's North Entrance in Montana at times that suit your schedule best and the planned activity on the day of your visit. Our adventures last 8 hours unless your needs dictate otherwise. Just make room for us in your personal or rental vehicle and we're off to explore the park.

We provide a high quality spotting scope and binoculars.

We can sometimes accommodate last minute reservations.


One-day adventures start at $400 for 2 people
($25 for each additional person).


Contact us for multiple day rates.


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