Wow! Greetings to you both.

Donna and I think it's awesome that you two have started this service. I couldn't think of two more wonderful folks to do this and we will highly recommend your adventures to anyone we cross paths with. We got to thinking about this and came up with an idea. We would like to backpack into an area not normally visited by the normal crowds. Nothing too outrageous, just a night or two or three. If that is something that is in your interest, let us know what's available and where we'd go.
We fondly remember our first Yellowstone adventure and feel fortunate that you Eric, got stuck with US. You are a big part of why it was so much of a successful trip for us.
And Barbara, we certainly can't leave you out. We are as much interested in the geology of Yellowstone as we are the solitude and animals there. Be prepared to answer a lot of silly questions from us. So, all I can say is...wow, what a team you two have put together. Ah, if we had life to do over again... we envy you.

Congratulations and good luck! Look forward to seeing you again,

Steve and Donna the badger spotter Eich