Wildbear Blog

First Grizzly Bears

We'd been hearing about some grizzlies showing up at a bison carcass near the road in Blacktail Ponds recently and decided to check it out last night. For about an hour, we watched as many ravens, magpies, a coyote, 3 bald eagles and a golden eagle fed at what little remained of the carcass. Light was fading and we had just about given up, when Eric noticed a grizzly about a mile across the valley on Mt. Everts just sitting by a sage bush watching and waiting. We waited too, hopeful that he would move down towards the carcass when we noticed another HUGE boar grizzly on the road only about 80 yards from us. As soon as the far away Mt. Everts griz saw the big boar, he ran down the hill towards the carcass. The larger griz bypassed the carcass and headed towards the other grizzly to chase him away from the carcass. Intimidated, the smaller griz retreated for a while and let the bigger boar approach the carcass. He dragged the head and hide a few yards from where it lay and played with it for a bit. There really was very little left to eat. Meanwhile, the smaller boar got up the courage to come back to have a bite himself. 

This YouTube video clip captures their interaction - growling and snarling. It was after 8pm and light was pretty low, but you can certainly get the feel for the power and intensity of these two male grizzlies. We estimate the big one at about 500-600 pounds! He's in good shape after his winter sleep but is powerful hungry! Enjoy.